Under the Dome


Under the Dome –  I have mixed feelings bout this new show.  I have always liked the idea of domed cities.  They have appeared on the covers of science fiction stories from the pulp days onward sitting on the surface of an alien planet, or at the bottom of the sea.  There are the Mythrals of Forgotten realms.  There was a book – and I am sure it is somewhere on my shelves with a title something like the “Web of Wansor” about a magical dome over a village. Many of my DND-like role playing adventures had domes featured in them over the years. There have been many good stories about domed communities, some domes were built, others have just appeared, trapping the residents as is the premise of this show. I always wanted, and it is on my to do list, a fantasy novel set in a world of domed cites.  But now there is a TV show about domes.  I dread the potential for the show to really ruin the concept for other writers.  What if it is dreadful?  Then everyone who tries to write a story on the theme will have their work dismissed based upon the way it was treated on a TV show?  Will future authors have their work described as derivative because some random TV show used the same theme that has been around for years?   It could be a good show, it more likely will be terrible, but it creates a mess for anyone thinking along the lines of a domed city in their own work.  As a writer, nothing good can come of it.  It happens June 24, 2013.

About Edward Forrest Frank

My name is Edward Frank. By training I am a geologist with published research on caves found in the United States, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. I am the webmaster, BBS administrator, and run the Facebook Page for the Native Tree Society and am involved with tree research with the group. I am the author, or coauthor, of a number of tree related articles and publications available for download from the NTS website and NTS BBS. I edit the monthly magazine for the group - eNTS Magazine. I write science fiction and fantasy stories reflecting a lifelong love of the genres. Most recently I published a fantasy role playing game Knarf 4, available through Amazon Kindle. I have an extensive science fiction and fantasy library and have long enjoyed table top role-playing games. Not satisfied with commercially available games, I started creating my own game variations in the mid 1980's. Knarf 4 is latest version best version of those games. I also write non-fiction. I currently am working on a book on "The Old-Growth Forests of Cook Forest State Park, PA" targeting older children and teens. I am suave, sophisticated, funny, kind, considerate, thoughtful, brilliant, devilishly handsome, and above all modest.
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One Response to Under the Dome

  1. Edward Forrest Frank says:

    One thing that really troubles me about the show is that the producers are comparing it to Lost – in my opinion one the most convoluted and pointless pieces of drelk to ever disgrace the television screen – Yes it was worse than the Battlestar Galactica remake series.


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