Robert Montgomery Bird

Robert Montgomery Bird was the author of one of the early seminal works on Mammoth Cave: 1838. Bird, Robert Montgomery. 1838. Peter Pilgrim: or A rambler’s recollections, Volume 2. Including: The Mammoth Cave. Pp. 47- 162. Publisher: Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard. 260 pp, (  Interestingly I found he is listed as the author of on of the top 100 American Novels by American Scholar: for the book Shepard Lee (1836).  Shepard Lee download: 

He also was an artist who painted three watercolors of Mammoth Cave.

Mammoth Cave Entrance - Inside - R.M. Bird - 1833

Mammoth Cave Entrance – Inside – R.M. Bird – 1833

Painting - Among the Knobs Near Mammoth Cave - R.M. Bird - 1835

Painting – Among the Knobs Near Mammoth Cave – R.M. Bird – 1835

The Old Cabin - Gatewood's House - Mammoth Cave - 1835

The Old Cabin – Gatewood’s House – Mammoth Cave – 1835








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My name is Edward Frank. By training I am a geologist with published research on caves found in the United States, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. I am the webmaster, BBS administrator, and run the Facebook Page for the Native Tree Society and am involved with tree research with the group. I am the author, or coauthor, of a number of tree related articles and publications available for download from the NTS website and NTS BBS. I edit the monthly magazine for the group - eNTS Magazine. I write science fiction and fantasy stories reflecting a lifelong love of the genres. Most recently I published a fantasy role playing game Knarf 4, available through Amazon Kindle. I have an extensive science fiction and fantasy library and have long enjoyed table top role-playing games. Not satisfied with commercially available games, I started creating my own game variations in the mid 1980's. Knarf 4 is latest version best version of those games. I also write non-fiction. I currently am working on a book on "The Old-Growth Forests of Cook Forest State Park, PA" targeting older children and teens. I am suave, sophisticated, funny, kind, considerate, thoughtful, brilliant, devilishly handsome, and above all modest.
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