Small Things

Small Things

It is strange at times how a small thing can add a bright spot op an otherwise bad day.  I often stop at Goodwill stores and to search for items of treasure among the discards donated to the store. They may be anything from vintage electronics, camera equipment, quaint and curious volumes of long forgotten lore.  I stopped in one today and found two unopened packages of Sony Hi8 Metal P 120 video tapes.


I know you can still find them online on places, but there they were in the bin at a cost of 80 cents each. I still have my Sony Hi8 TRv120 video camera.  It was a pretty exceptional camera when I bought it years ago. It was one of the earlier models they made and had lots of bells and whistles left off later versions.  I had been thinking about the camera lately because it is infrared sensitive and has a built in infrared emitter.  I thought about using it to film some scenes for my current video project because the look of the infrared lit scene would be perfect for one sequence.  But I did not have any blank tapes.  Now I do.  I have a whole drawer full of material recorded on Hi8 tape that I need to digitize, but did not have any unused tapes with which to play.


The other note I wanted to pass along is that the main shooting days for my Ghosts of Bigler’s Cave movie has been pushed back a week until October 24 &25th because of a number of scheduling problems with the actors in the movie.  I will need to contact the Bilger’s Rocks Association and tell them about the time shift. They are having a haunted hayride at the rocks during one of those nights, but we should be able to work around any conflicts.

Edward Frank

October 9, 2014

About Edward Forrest Frank

My name is Edward Frank. By training I am a geologist with published research on caves found in the United States, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. I am the webmaster, BBS administrator, and run the Facebook Page for the Native Tree Society and am involved with tree research with the group. I am the author, or coauthor, of a number of tree related articles and publications available for download from the NTS website and NTS BBS. I edit the monthly magazine for the group - eNTS Magazine. I write science fiction and fantasy stories reflecting a lifelong love of the genres. Most recently I published a fantasy role playing game Knarf 4, available through Amazon Kindle. I have an extensive science fiction and fantasy library and have long enjoyed table top role-playing games. Not satisfied with commercially available games, I started creating my own game variations in the mid 1980's. Knarf 4 is latest version best version of those games. I also write non-fiction. I currently am working on a book on "The Old-Growth Forests of Cook Forest State Park, PA" targeting older children and teens. I am suave, sophisticated, funny, kind, considerate, thoughtful, brilliant, devilishly handsome, and above all modest.
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