E. Forrest Frank Productions

6aeac0667a2fbc61a83f1c13946d2e2c1Welcome to the Home Page of E. Forrest Frank Productions.  We are a small film company located in western Pennsylvania.  One of the primary interests of the company is the production of documentary films about natural history and human history.   We also have produced a handful of short narrative films and a short horror film. (See Other Films and Projects above)

My most significant film at this point is  “The Black Guides of Mammoth Cave.”  It is a  documentary co produced by E. Forrest Frank Productions, Elephant Trunk Films, and Dark Dream Productions.  The blog and other information about the documentary can be found here:

The broadcast premier of documentary Black Guides of Mammoth Cave, produced by Edward Edward Forrest Frank, Phoebe Frear, and Steven Barnes is going to be shown on February 26, at 8 pm ET and 7 pm CT, on KET2.  With several additional replays over the following week.

A DVD video of the documentary Black Guides of Mammoth Cave may be ordered on February 26th for $19.95 plus shipping and handling. Streaming purchases will also be available from the site.


My personal Facebook writers and filmmaker’s page:


E, Forrest Frank  Writer/Filmmaker


I am the Owner and Administrator  for Documentary and Adventure Filmmaking group on Facebook:


Documentary and Adventure Filmmaking


I am on the Board of Directors for the Northern Appalachian Film Collective:


Northern Appalachian Film Collective on Facebook and the NAFCo website

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